maiden voyage in the new rig

I got a new rig the other week, and got to test her out in style yesterday. took the boys diving to a new lump we found on the way home the other week.....  the new spot was good!


the boat went better than expected in yesterday mornings easterly slop, and I'm WELL impressed with the new Whittley 2150. the new spot produced the goods too, with 3 blokes on 1 tank each, and due to a miss-count, we got 23 (instead of a full bag), but most crays were over 2kg. biggest cray went 2.7kg. 


High fives, and some very cold coronas to break her in. 



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 rig details scotto: donkey

Mon, 2019-12-02 11:20

 rig details scotto:


donkey hp and top speed

hull deadrise and stability vs ride comfort trade-off

owe muchos mulah?


Boston Whaler 235 Conquest......getting the flogging it was built for.

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always with the specs JF!

Mon, 2019-12-02 12:49

you and your bloody specification obsession Johnno!


2010 Whittley Clearwater 2150 (6.5m)


Suzuki DF 140, gives max 30 knots WOT (could probably do with a 175-200hp, but im certainly happy with its cruise speed and ride)


I beleive its a 20' deadrise. exceptional ride at 22-24 knots with yesterdays side-easterly-slop. we did 30 knots over a rotto ferry's wake yesterday, and it skipped it beautifully! doesnt porpoise at all. very stable, even at anchor. they are a victorian hull/build, so built for shitty southern conditions. 


hull weight is a bit over 1 tonne.


200L tank. i will be installing a freshwater tank and deck wash soon. 


moolah.... I had to bullshit the missus to get this.... so dont think for a second I'm going to blab it on here!

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Sweat looking Rig...great day

Mon, 2019-12-02 12:09

Sweat looking Rig...great day on the water for sure!

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Looks mint

Mon, 2019-12-02 12:29

Looks mint, great haul!

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Top looking ...

Mon, 2019-12-02 13:02

Top looking boat mate .. good haul on the

crays too .. I'd have too bull shit the mrs

big time for a rig like that too .. ahhh can

only dream .. cheers pirate .. 

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Good doogs

Mon, 2019-12-02 14:32

 Great weather  for a dive.


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs