Mandurah Fishing Report 15/8/2005

Hi my name is Josh and i will try and keep all the Fishwrecked users informed on whats going on down in my part of the world..Mandurah!
Last week we were blessed with some beautiful weather and it allowed the offshore brigade to get out and try thier luck!
The fishing for skippy was productive especially around the Five Fathom Bank, with anchoring and berleying being the go.
Sambo's are around the high 20m mark with them stealing baits from snapper fisherman at night starting to happen regularly, not huge fish but good fun! i have included a pic of a nice little sambo taken on 6lb gear last sunday night (7\8\2005 Angler -Ash Proprietor of Mandurah Tackle Mart)
Ainsley a customer from Mandurah Tackle Mart caught a nice 6kg dhuie mid-afternoon from the bank.
Out wide has been the spot for bigger dhuies and small snapper are out in force past the 50m lines.
Yellowfin whiting and Herring have been coming from the Dawesville Cut, and the ocean end rock walls are producing good size tailor.
With the bad weather over the weekend, most fishing activity was happening around the Estuary with fairly good reports of Black Bream in the Serpentine and Murray Rivers.
Crabs are still deep and to the south of the estuary, although between you and me i have heard of some whispers that there has been some big ones caught at night in the canals.
Well.... i hope i have provided a bit of insight of whats happening down here and you will be hearing from me again next monday for an update!!



[img_assist|fid=1914|thumb=0|alt=my mate ash, sambo on 6lb]