Mandurah land base

Hey guys,  

im gonna be taking my 2 year old son and wife for a little beach/ fish tomorrow. Haven't fished mandurah to much at all but going to take a few sugarpens to have a crack at some whiting. Where is a good area to start and sit on the sand with my boy having a fish. He's 2 and caught his first kg whiting. And asking me to go again but wanna hey him on some summer whiting ( yellowfin whiting, I'm from qld haha).


thanks for your help guys :)

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 Beach or estuary? Melros for

Fri, 2019-12-27 14:15

 Beach or estuary? Melros for the beach and around novara (falcon) for the estuary. Don't cast to far out at melros for them. I use bloodworms not lures though. 


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