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Going to get one and looks like a TLD 20 or 25 or a Penn. These are the most popular and dare I say have stood the test of time. Some of the Penn models are very long lasting and so's the TLD. I think personally it's going to be one of the TLDs. It seems like the 25 is the more popular and can take more line. Shimano states over 1000 m of 50lb braid but the 20 can take over 800m of the same 50lb braid. In this sense it makes no difference to me. If anything it'll push me to the 20 as it's smaller. Weight is not a consideration as there's only 20gm diff between the two. Are any of you using a TLD 20 and if so how much line have you actually been able to get onto the reel? Other thoughts?

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wouldn't a faster retrieve

Fri, 2019-12-20 13:30

wouldn't a faster retrieve rate be better suited to a ballooning reel?  poss a 2 speed TLD or tyrnos

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 From users, 2 speed for lbg

Fri, 2019-12-20 16:37

 From users, 2 speed for lbg is not necessary. It depends what you're hooked up to. Low speed is useful if dragging up something big from the deep. With ballooning, most bites are surface. Sure some speed is required because of the grey coats but if they're there there's little you can do about it no matter the speed. Anyway, I was more wondering about size differences and having just been to the shop I've determined that the better size for me is the 20 even though the 25 is the more popular. The 25 is just wider. Still like to know how much actual line length and breaking strain people are getting on the reel

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 Am now thinking of the TLD

Sat, 2019-12-21 07:25

 Am now thinking of the TLD 15 as it's supposed to be able to take 700m of 50lb. That'll be plenty for my purposes


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 my 15 got no where near that

Sat, 2019-12-21 07:55

 my 15 got no where near that much line on it, i think its got 400m of 60lb. i use this for trolling macks


 balloning at steep we use 50's and can easily put a balloon 250+m out and makes getting fish in before sharks a breeze.

 id be looking at the 30 as a minimum for line capacity

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 That's why I asked. What the

Sat, 2019-12-21 20:14

 That's why I asked. What the Shimano website states isn't necessarily what we can do so it's good to find out.  Thanks gillyL

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I wouldnt go under gunned you

Sun, 2019-12-22 08:46

I wouldnt go under gunned you are better off going bigger, your probably only holding the rod/reel when you have to.


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I have a TLD 20, I'm with Gilly.

Thu, 2020-01-02 12:23

 I load it with 50lb braid for trolling purposes, and I don't think it would take anywhere near 800m. More like 450 metres, if you ask me. And the drag is pretty poor, after some reasonably hard use. I've had it apart, cleaned and re-lubed, but it just won't hold a bibless for HST any more, without putting the preload up to where the the drag is almost locked at a small lever setting. So your useable drag is over a very small arc. A mate has one, does the same. I guess I could cut some fibertex washers for it, but I've moved on. It was also struggling with little blacks of only 50kg or so. My Tyrnos 12's, on the other hand, have had far more work, and are still fine after multiple cleans and reassembly.