Urchin Point Dirk Hartog Island

 Hi all,


heading up to urchin point at the start of May and was wondering if anyone could share any info on the place as have never been before.  Most of what I can find relates to the block.


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 Hey mate, I went there end

Wed, 2020-01-29 19:50

 Hey mate, 

I went there end of 2017. Epic spot!! Perhaps there's been changes since I was there but I can tell you what it was like back then. Large shed with lower (front) and upper area. Plenty of benches to use, heaps of room to roll out swags. No water so bring all you need, no power too obviously. Make sure you have heaps of fuel to get you there from Overlander and back +  all the driving do on the island.  There was a long drop dunny freshly installed before we were there. 
we saw a few brown snakes on the island so be careful walking around as you're a long way from home. We were there when no one else was around so we sourced a sat phone in case of emergency. PM me if you wanna know anything more or want fishing advice. I've only been once but learnt a lot! The place is magic and the fishing can be insanely good off the stones 

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 Cheers mate. Counting down

Sat, 2020-02-01 22:57

 Cheers mate. Counting down the days...