Mandurah prawns


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Some great info and stories on Fishwrecked.

I’m chasing info to see if it’s beeter to dab for prawns of a boat in the Dawesville Cut or Between the Mandurah Bridges these days. Also, will they be floating by on the run in before the high as well as on the run out?Thought I might have a go sometime soon.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.


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Wrong time

Wed, 2018-11-14 15:43

 Hi Bretto, It's probally the wrong time of the year for chasing big prawns between the bridges. I think it is when we get the first big rains and the system flushes that start the prawns running.

The smaller prawns should start showing up now as it gets warmer, and they can be caught with a hand net at night around any of the shallow areas. Last year quite a few were caught by fisho's plus there is always the bonus getting a feed of crabs too. 

Cheers Grant 

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 Run out so I've been told by

Wed, 2018-11-14 16:52

 Run out so I've been told by my work mates. I've been a couple of times at dawesville and only got a few dozen. Once i went 2 nights after they bagged 5 plus litres and only saw one prawn...

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Thanks for your help Grant

Wed, 2018-11-14 16:54

Thanks for your help Grant  

I’ll have to pick up an underwater light and see how I go. I’m sure there will be lots of missed prawns to start. 

Never really tried for prawns. Always been preoccupied with the crabs.

Thanks again.


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Thanks Hilly9.Hope I predict

Wed, 2018-11-14 16:58

Thanks Hilly9.

Hope I predict the right night to go.

Would be a long night seeing only one prawn.  


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 def lots of prawns in the

Wed, 2018-11-14 19:46

 def lots of prawns in the shallows but as mentioned they are small. as the summer comes on they will get bigger . mix your net up , crab scoop one end and prawn net the other


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