Mandurah whiting flats

Hey guys.

where is the best place in Mandurah to set up camp for me and my son to get him a nice whiting. Went today and he got his first kg and hasn't stopped asking to catch more fish :) wanna have a crack at some whiting in the poppers while I'm there and maybe even get the wife more into it. 

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RE: Mandurah whiting flats

Thu, 2020-03-12 09:51

 G'day mate,


If you want to do a little bit of camping on the Estuary, I would have a look at a spot called Birchmont (when the grabs arent running)


Otherwise the Cut is apparently going alright at the moment. there are some little beaches on the estuary side (North/South Side)

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 For Whiting on poppers any

Thu, 2020-03-12 10:51

 For Whiting on poppers any of the shallow flats will hold them at times.

Best is a rising tide on hot days with not too much wind.

As for camping, Herron Point has camping and goot flats to try.

The whiting will run in the deeper channel between the point and the island on low tides if you want to bait fish with the lad. 

Blowies will always be an issue though....