Margaret River next weekend?

 Heading down to Margeret River next weekend and I can't decide what to do, do I drag the tinny down on the off chance that the weathers going to play ball or do I just take land based gear. Would love to take the tinny but never been down there this time of year so don't really know if there much of a chance to get it out between Margs and Augusta. Cheers everyone 

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Just take it all!

Sat, 2020-08-01 14:18

 Tinny works great as a trailer so you can take it all and decide when there.

Augusta probably best bet with launching all depending on wind and swell of course. 


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 Plenty of options with the

Sat, 2020-08-01 15:05

 Plenty of options with the dingi between Geo Bay, Augusta and even the Blackwood...


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 If its a southerly you can

Sun, 2020-08-02 19:21

 If its a southerly you can hit Geo bay as only half hr away or inshore Augusta or River if weather plays, be lucky to get out off marks but you never know.

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 Taking the tinny, if weather

Sun, 2020-08-02 19:28

 Taking the tinny, if weather doesn't allow for ocean I'll have a run in the Blackwood, I'll just take enough gear to cover all opportunities

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 Pob, There was some XL crabs

Mon, 2020-08-03 22:15



There was some XL crabs getting caught between East Aug and the Yatch club in the river so thats worth a crack if the weather isn't flash oceanside...


Plenty of KG's in close anywhere really...

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 That's brilliant, thanks for

Mon, 2020-08-03 22:21

 That's brilliant, thanks for that,didn't even think about the crab nets. Going to hit the Blackwood on Saturday so fingers crossed