medium jigging combo advice needed

Hi, im looking at getting a medium size jigging combo to run a mix of soft plastics and octo style jigs. I'm up north so we have pretty heavy current and will be using elevator jig heads around the 3oz mark and octo jigs around 200grams? fshing in around 20m or so of water chasing mid size reefies. Anyone give me any ideas on a good combo around $500 mark. I have a samaki 15-30kg jig rod and 10000 saragosa with 65lb powerpro for the big stuff so just chasing something for the next size down, i'm thinking pe2-3 rod and saragosa 5000? but i'm only just getting into the jigging and plastics side of things so a bit clueless. Cheers for any advice

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When you are checking out a

Thu, 2015-12-17 21:11

When you are checking out a jigging setup IMO the best way to go about it is the check out heaps of different rods....spend time on the net....spend plenty of time in different shops( if you can up north) load as many as you can up........ and once you have a rod you like spend 15mins picking out the reel that suits it.
jigging is all about the rod.... I've personally spent more on the rod cos for me that makes all the difference.

FWIW I use a saltiga coastal 60s to jig up north. (and in Perth) can't recommend this rod more. it is fantastic, used it in the Monties recently with octos etc. have a stradic FJ 5000 on mine and it's a perfect balance but prob a bit more than what you have said for budget.

I personally like a demersal jig rod to be a med to fast taper..... love the faster action for working jigs and to put pressure to get them out of the reef.

most will say go parabolic but tha's really only for mid water fish......reds....Coral trout ..Im sure you know need that fast umph straight from go to get them out.

hope this helps

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Advice !!!

Thu, 2015-12-17 22:47

 My advice get a new user name !!! Nah all good 

look at the stradics for the price can't beat em !! 

Ya dont need a reel with high line cap if ya only 

gonna be Fishin in 20s at the deepest !! 

Cheers !! Da pirate !!

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+1 for the Stradic's

Fri, 2015-12-18 06:51

 Great reel for the price and can take a fair bit of abuse. Load it up with 30Lb and it will stop/slow most fish... After a while.

As above the rod is the important thing. Go the best your budget allows.


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for that price my suggestion

Fri, 2015-12-18 18:16

for that price my suggestion would be
demon blood CJ64 with stradic 5000

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Wed, 2015-12-23 06:05

 thats the exact combo I have and I think its great! pulled up some big fish with it too....



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Thanks for the advice fellas,

Sun, 2015-12-20 22:24

Thanks for the advice fellas, sounds like the stradic is the go then. As Da pirate said i probably don't need a massive line capacity for the depth i'm fishin. Will have to head into the shop on break and suss out a few rods see what they have. Cheers