Monkey mia fishing

 At Denham at the moment and not having much luck on the fishing front been over to Monkey Mia and been told the 2nd channel out from there is a good place to start..anyone got gps marks for the channel or anything in that area to give a starting point?

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Monkey mia

Thu, 2018-04-19 21:28

 Not sure how big your boat is, but have a look up the coast towards peron, out from cape rose in particular. Plenty of blackies, pinks, and Rankin in that area. All within about 1 mile of the shore... 

Also drag a couple of lures on your way, always a few school maks around and a good chance of a spaniard or cobia this time of year.


Failing that, the old sunken pearl farm barge ;) Sunrise or sunset. Unweighted baits will get you some nice pinks and cod.


Hope this helps abit




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Just got back from cape peron

Fri, 2018-04-20 11:51

Just got back from cape peron start of the week. Fished out of South Gregories. Fishing no more than 1km out in 6m. Just need to find the coral patches. We did best when anchored unless fishing on the tide change (it runs hard). Ended up bringing back rankins, massive estuary cod, trout, NW snapper, maccy, stripped pearch, tuskies ect. very good fishing, just took us a day or two to figure it out as we hadn't fished there before.

Couldn't catch a size pinky to save ourselves.

Had some massive tigers call past for a look also however fishing shallow water we only lost one fish to them.