Lowrance or Garmin

 Hi all I'm looking at fitting a new sounder to my barra boat I have narrowed it down to the Garmin Echomap 95sv or Lowrance Elite Ti9 

I dont ant to start a war I am just chasing everyones opinion 

I know there wil be people that love and hate each one but it's just a friendly discussion please



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Fri, 2018-04-20 07:37

Hi Wingnut

I went from Lowrance HDS units to Garmin Echomap 75sv then sold my Garmin after less than 6 months as I was not impressed with the sidescan on the Garmin and now have the Lowrance Carbon.

If it is the sidescan you are buying it for go with the Lowrance in my opinion

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 Lowrance HDS units are

Fri, 2018-04-20 09:10

 Lowrance HDS units are decent... but the Elites are utter shiete in my opinion from personal use and experience. Garmin 95sv is a MUCH better unit compared. Unless you can opt for a HDS, choose the 95SV over the Elite.

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The Elite is a very basic

Fri, 2018-04-20 11:43

The Elite is a very basic unit. If you can streach it out have a look at an gen 3 HDS or Carbon. They have so many more options for transducers. The totalscan that comes with the elite ti are really only good out to 50mtrs deep. the side and down scan works well till then.

I have only played with the older Garmins and they work well but I have been Navico for to long now. Have done a bit of research on the new Garmin gear and they are getting great returns with the GT51 transducer. Simrad and Lowrance both good units. Currently run a SS60 through hull and structure scan through a HDS 9 Gen 3 and a totalscan through an Evo 3. Only use the total scan for downscan and side scan as I have a standalone 1kw Simrad. They are very easy to use and lots of options.

At the end of the day I would say look at the best value as they will both do the same thing set up correctly.