Montebello Islands

Just looking at doing a trip in august departing 40 mile beach south of Karratha we have a couple of boats keen at the moment, an are information gathering at the moment.

Can anyone suggest a good Island to camp on?

Something like this should take care of the fuel for the trip. ... 0%20Pillow

I am on a roster, so we just got to do the planning and fitting it in with the tides rosters and weather.

Taylor Marine they had big commercial eskys 300 or 400 liter for $250 I might go for something like that,

Can anyone that has done the trip offer any advice that can help us.




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Tue, 2011-04-26 12:02

when i boated over we had to use dampier ramp the first time due to flooding of the fortesque but the 2nd trip we where able to leave from there. not sure on distance saved by doing the 40mile or what the launching is like? fortesque was a very decent bush ramp capable of launching some decent boats , just have to time the river crossing if you dont want any salt water on the vehicle?

depending on where your planning on fishing will depend on which end of the group you camp? also be sure to check uptodate fisheries for all the closures and stuff over that way! pretty hot on that

all boils down to a fantastic spot to goto and best of luck with your trip~! im sure you will enjoy it mate


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I calculate roughly 80km from

Tue, 2011-04-26 15:46

I calculate roughly 80km from fortescue river mouth, 90km from 40 mile beach launch site and 120km from Dampier ramp. You might find fortescue to be a better launch site for a bigger boat than 40 mile.

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Both Fortescue and 40 mile

Wed, 2011-04-27 07:50

Both Fortescue and 40 mile are tide dependant for launch and retrieve, but I would lean towards 40 mile as the distance travelled by road to get to Fortescue doesnt reduce the overall trip by as much. Ive launched a 7.5mtr ally at both with locations no problems. The fuel saving and weather predictability tends to make launching at these places a better idea, but fishing wise it makes a better optioned trip to leave from Dampier and fish on the way over.

Either way it is always worth it to head over. Like poddy said, check with Fisheries IN DETAIL before you go as popular islands in the group such as Ah Chong dont qualify for an 'approved' over night stay, rendering 2 days bag limit off the cards if you stay there (Same as Rosmary and Enderby Is in the Dampier archipelago - not really enforced though)

Check out this link,com_hotproperty/task,view/id,149/Itemid,1584/

The water police and fisheries are very approachable and helpful and will come and have a look at your catch/boat if they are over there at the same time.

What type of fishing are you mostly looking at doing?

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how do you fins out what

Wed, 2011-04-27 08:30

how do you fins out what islands do and don't count as an approved overnight stay? Also does camping on the mainland count if you overnight and take 2 days bag?

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 Good question Tim, what

Wed, 2011-04-27 12:43

 Good question Tim, what about if you camp on the boat and dont even set foot on the islands??


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Wed, 2011-04-27 12:51

 crikey i didnt know that one , i was more so stipulating on closed off areas etc no go zones but thats a good point u bought up last chance!


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Fri, 2011-08-05 16:27

We spear the monties pretty often.

Have left from fort esque and also Dampier if you get rough seas it will be a lot less fun heading home to dampier then it will be to forte esque.

With regards to a legitimate overnight stay fisheries would most likely wreck you if you told them you stayed overnigh on the mainland... Australia might be an island they dont recognise it as such though ;) there are a few different places that are good for camping depending on where you would like to spear...


There is a lot of good spearing ground off the monties... keep a good eye on the green zones as there is a lot of them...


Have a good trip!




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Minimum boat size

Sun, 2017-02-05 20:45

What's the smallest boat you would venture out to the Montebello islands in?

trying to plan a trip for early next year and want to see whether I'll take the 7m centre console or a 5.3m plate alloy tiller steer.

whats the best time of year to go?