NAVICO Auto-Pilot. Begging for info.

 Gday Crew. 


Myself and a buddy are looking at our options for to install auto pilot into each of our boats. both of us running a single outboard on boats around the 7.5meter size. Im running a NSS12 evo2 and a HDS10 gen2, whilst he is running a HDS10 gen2 and something else again.

Using  trusty old Ch smith as a ballpark figure for $$ wise, there is $600 difference for what looks to be only due to a difference is which "compass" is used.  


The more expensive one is using a "RC42 rate compass", where as the other one is using a "point 1 GPS Antenna". 


Is there anyone out there with a bit of knowledge on each of these devices and can share a bit of insight as to what you think would be the best option for running out wide of the Abrolhos and everywhere in between PLEASE?


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 dont be such a tight arse!

Thu, 2016-04-07 16:33

 dont be such a tight arse! dont know much about the simrads bud.... but if your going that way see if u can get heave compo as well will flatten out the bottom.

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rig pig

Thu, 2016-04-07 16:39

 ha ha.. The oil field is a scarey place at the moment.. lol. That $600 is difference between steak or 2 minute noodles for dinner. 


Thats a very good point you bring up thou.. I have seen some compass that will talk to the simrad for heave compensation, just got to find it again... 


When ya coming up for a few beers anyhow bud-- Missed a good comp- We landed a 200kg marlin first hour of the first day... 

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 Was a time when we lived on

Fri, 2016-04-08 20:48

 Was a time when we lived on 2 minute noodles and rum!!!! Missed out on Comp! Had to work back as they sacked 400odd people at work! Wish I made it up for it! Anyhow make sure you get heave compo, you'll need it for the back of islands. ;) I'll be back again soon. Dad wants to take another look at turtledove. 

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 ha ha.. That time might come

Sat, 2016-04-09 10:52

 ha ha.. That time might come back again soon, but it will be 2 minute noodles and Home brew ;) 


Im home for a month starting in about 10 days time. Give us a yell if ya heading out that way.. im wanting to get down there this break for a look also. 


If the weather plays the game, we looking at a few boats heading over to Pigeon for the down service also..

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For what it's worth

Thu, 2016-04-07 17:51

For what it's worth, I recently bought the lowrance autopilot and hooked it up to my hds9 gen3.  I love it. It's the best $1450 I've spend on my boat ever.  It was piss easy to install and use and exceeded all my expectations.  It's worth a look and from my understanding it can be used with gen 2 unit. It looks not to much different from the Navico autopilot kit with RC42.

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 I was told when I got mine

Thu, 2016-04-07 21:03

 I was told when I got mine the lowarance autopilot is made for inshore work and the navico for offshore. Iv got the navico mate and love it best thing Iv put on my boat in years


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I have the Simrad AP 24 as

Sat, 2016-04-09 15:31

I have the Simrad AP 24 as well as the RC 42 currently in use. In short if you can afford it get one they are far more accurate. I do have it hooked up to the GPS through the backbone to head to points on my plotterbut that is all.

A top unit in my opinion.