need some 'advice' :)

  Have done some selling off of fishing gear recently and am thinkking why do I need so many 'Boat Rods' ??

So have kept a 2 x speed, lever drag reel and a handmade full roller boat rod, rated @ 37 Kg.

I'm wondering why I can't use this boat rod and reel with spooled with 60Kg braid and 80 Kg leader with a snap clip attached at the end, and just change the hooks and sinker for different boat fishing situations?



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None what so ever

Sun, 2020-08-02 00:10

If you are happy to use that outfit for everything then so be it. You will have some trouble with various conditions and species of fish you will target but so be it.
Just get out on the water and enjoy the experience.

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No reason u cant use it

Mon, 2020-08-03 08:50

if you get snagged though will be real hard to break off. I use 80lb braid with 100lb monoleader for all demersals and only problem is snags