New to fishing and WA

 Hey there,

Absolute noob to fishing here and I'm trying to look for some guidance. I've just moved to WA as an international student and have always enjoyed fishing with my godparents back home, so was looking to pursue the hobby a little more here. Recently got a rod and a other equipment but haven't found much success (unless you count blowies) at places like Hillarys, Narrows, Claremont Jetty and the Moles in Freo. 

Just wanted to get some tips on preventing snagged as I've been donatin hooks everywhere I go and I hate doing that cause of the damage to the environment. Tried paternoster rigs but still been donating.

I'm inclined to fish off piers and jetty (where legal) as I friend of mine was swept out to sea after being hit by a freak wave so a little fear of going too low on the rocks. However, piers and jetties I've went to are full of blowies even at night, which makes it tough to fish with bait. I've tried frozen bait (gets stolen), soft plastics (blowies bite through them) and squid jigs (haven't found any luck). Am inclined to try hard plastics/metals but am hoping to learn how to prevent snags before investing in these lures! Would love to use live bait but you can't use what you can't catch! I've also read that lures aren't as good in winter cause there fish are a little more sluggish so I've used bait more, with burley and fish oil but still come up with nothing so any help here (from locations to bait) would be great - I've heard people say upriver is better whilst most swear by downriver so it's confusing.

I'm also unsure about windy/choppy conditions, high/low pressure, before/during/after storms as all the articles I've read have come up with differnet opinions (I assume due to their different success on the waters). Could any experienced peep here enlighten me in this area?  

I know it's a lot I'm asking so any little bit would help! I'm not asking for secret spots or expecting to catch a feed everytime I go fishing, just a little help in getting started and clearing up the hours of research I've put in. I'm willing to invest reasonably to improve, but will probably try to make do with what I have at the moment. Thanks for all the help in advance, it's just been incredibly frustrating, embarrassing and expensive the past few weeks. 


Places I'm looking to try out when I've got the time: sandbar @ point walter, sheds @ freo, south mole squid, bicton baths, scout hall jetty or thereabouts. 

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 give me a pm with your mob

Fri, 2020-08-07 13:49

 give me a pm with your mob number - see if we cant get u out in the boat next week 1 arvo

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 Try the moles using a float

Thu, 2020-08-13 21:43

 Try the moles using a float with about 1 more of trace using a bit of lump tube or ev even a straw with a about a size 5 hook. Just cast and retrieve . You may get a few herring or even a taylor . Using this method no chance of looking the bottom. Used to have a fair bit of success . If no luck using the straw try bait but using a floating burly cage making your burly with pillars water and a bit of flour to help thicken it up . You don t want it to be mushy but not too hard either. As far as bait goes , a bit of prawn or squid should do the trick. I used to use live maggots but don t think you can get them any more unless you breed your own but the neighbours won't like the smell of rotting meat tho. I'm sure if you Google how to you will find how. 

Good luck. We all started somewhere. 

Another one you could try is just along most metro beaches chasing the good old sand whiting using a size 8 hook with a bit of squid . Just a bottom rig


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