New fishwrecked video - Groper Freak

The latest fishwrecked video is from Scuttlebutt and features a rather large groper enjoying a feed. Some of the footage is recycled at the end of the video, but its worth watching again. See if you agree!! Enjoy.


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Freak's right

Fri, 2007-11-09 14:25

What a monster...looks like a dangerous pasttime

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THATS HUGE!!!! Not as big as

Fri, 2007-11-09 15:40


Not as big as the ones at steep point


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is that a queensland groper,

Fri, 2007-11-09 15:51

is that a queensland groper, and where is that looks like a pond

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Guys that's a Queensland

Fri, 2007-11-09 17:42

Guys that's a Queensland Groper in a North Queensland River.  I feel very lucky to have been able to hand-feed such a big wild fish (without losing the skin on my arm!)

From Cairns GBR