New to Perth/ surf rod reco./ north mole?

Evening chaps.

As the title proclaims i am new to perth, Ive heard mixed reviews about perths fishing, some say its poor some say its good if you know where to go, however im excited to give it a go after reading the forum posts. Ive just spent 2 years fishing in NZ, spending most of my time spinning for kahawai and kingfish.

From what ive read im gathering the "better" fish in the metro area are caught off the beach using a surf rod??? Im looking to invest in one regardless and was hoping i could get a good recommendation for around the 100dollar region?? hopefully. I will be using a shimano Alivio 10000.

I tried north mole out a couple of nights ago after sunset with my little 2-4kg spin outfit, but go no interest. Are there fish to be caught down there on the spin rod? ive heard claims of tailor and bonito but not sure they can be caught on lure.

Finally i will be planning a long weekend trip shortly, looking for somewhere to camp, fish from the beach and have some good chills, any hidden gems would be a appreciated.





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 For a rod, have a look at a

Thu, 2017-03-16 12:01

 For a rod, have a look at a second hand ugly stick or similar (should be able to pick one up off Gumtree cheap) or otherwise a shimano aerowave glass falls into your budget. Plenty more out there but those ones come to mind.


Tailor and bonito can be caught on a lure for sure but will require a bit more effort than bait. Very early mornings for the bonito and late evenings for tailor are your best bet. Try a sinking stick bait or shallow diving minnow.

If lures arent producing a baitcast mulie is deadly and will get you some tailor, snook and/or blue macks at least after dark.


For places to get away have a look at Denmark, Esperance, Albany, dunsborough in the south and guilderton, jurien bay, greenhead, kalbarri in the north.


Hope this helps, feel free to send me a pm if you need more info



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A bit closer to home -

Thu, 2017-03-23 15:19

A bit closer to home - Wilbinga will see you camping on the beach and the 'prospect' of better fish just look out for all the dickheads in the 4by clubs. Preston Beach or Tims Thicket to the south. or simply head to Kalbarri if you want great land based fishing.

Any 12 footer plus that can cast 3 oz and a mulie will see you do fine along the metro coast. The weight is only to hold bottom when the wind or swell is pushing through. North Mole can be ok, if spinning you can get some good snook (which make for GREAT bait) on small stick baits at or after dusk. Are you north or south of the river? 

For Kahawai, salmon / silly season is almost here so you can get amongst the bigger models we get 4-8 kegs generally. Most prolific in and around the sound and south of the river....or in the river!