Newbie needing some direction on gear!

Hi all, I'm new to fishing but the bug has caught quick! I've been using the entry level jarvis walker combo in 7ft general and 12ft surf combo. I'm looking to upgrade abit. Any direction would be great!

I only fish land based, soon to be travelling up the west coast from perth to darwin (hopefully dropping in at quobba), price needs to stay as low as poss, not sure what fish i will be targeting but I would love to catch a spanish mackeral or something to brag about! I'm in kalgoorlie at the moment so not getting much advise from the fishing shops here. I've got some 30lb and 80lb fireline which i'm not sure which rod to put them on.

Also whats the difference in the reels? such as overhead, baitcaster spin etc.


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i just got a "quantum" trx20

Wed, 2011-07-20 22:19

i just got a "quantum" trx20 reel and im really really pleased with it ($50) and am considering getting a trx50 or 60 for another surf reel, about the $80 mark i think. i still have my JV 12ft beach combo and its had a hard life and is still going well, reels a bit dicky but still works. for $150 you can get a combo that would do well and perform great as the next step up for kmart gear. personally for LB work i have my JV combo and a PENN spinfisher with an ebay reel, both combos combind cost less than $200 and ive got my money worth over and over. i use mono for the beach, less that $10 to spool a reel and thats a price i can deal with and change lb-age when needed without burning holes in my pocket.


keep to spin reels as they are the easiest for large lb fishing and keep the cost down. if your looking to get a combo or 2 and a bit of terminal tackel get it all at once from a non chain store and see if they will swing you a discount, or ebay!


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If your

Wed, 2011-07-20 22:24

If your looking for casting off beaches or long distances stick with a spin combo, not sure about a reel but an Ugly Stick Gold is a pretty cheap rod and is definitely worth the money around $80 I think

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Have a look at the Penn rod

Wed, 2011-07-20 22:40

Have a look at the Penn rod and rod combos. I think a Penn 850ssm matched with a surf rod goes for less than $200 and will do a good job on tailor, mullas, small sharks and rays, most surf species really. Shop around though, prices vary massively!

Read up as much as you can. Its amazing how much you can learn on the forums...

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agree with cuthbad , penns

Thu, 2011-07-21 12:24

agree with cuthbad , penns 950ssm and 850 reels are $89 in getaway outdoor, very hard wearing reels, will do the job at a affordable price mate.