nice feed for the family

went out on my quad friday night south of the grenough river found a nice gutter and managed to find a spot that wasnt snaggy which was difficult settled in for a fish saw another group turn up and land a few tailor while i had nothing to show for the first 40 mins or so.

first fish i got a small tailor that went back. the other group left just on sunset, just after they left i landed 2 tailor and an underszed mulloway in 3 casts all went back as i am no longer permitted to bring tailor home according to the missus.

just before last light i go tthis nice little 4kg mulloway. as soon as the sun dissapeared i landed 2 wobbegong in 2 casts the second one a bit bigger than the one you see in the photos then about half an hour later i landed another mulloway about 6 kg he also went to fight another day as there was plenty of fish to feed the 3 of us at home with the shark and mulloway, dont think i will keep another wobbe though so hard to fillet.

i did get a bonus with the first wobbe when i cut his head off i found a free sinker and set of gangs lodged in his throat, along with a crab, my mulie the head of a small dart and some other small baitfish nice nights fishing with a warm 12 knot southeasterly and a few cold beers

cant wait to get back to that gutter it seemed verry fishy fish went quiet about an hour after low tide so i went home happy

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 well done. nice feed there.

Sat, 2012-03-24 13:54

 well done. nice feed there. with the wobby you will get the hang of it. first couple of times you might make a mess but the rewards are worth it in the eating. as mentioned in your other thread. cut inside out so the knife wont go blunt as quick. 

 i take it the boss doesnt like eating taylor or has she had enough for a year


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nice feed there

Sat, 2012-03-24 13:55

love the look on the young fella



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yeah he was a bit worried

Sat, 2012-03-24 14:02

yeah he was a bit worried about the shark

yeah boss doesnt really like the taylor she does eat it but i normaly bring taylor home everytime so she is also sick of it

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Sat, 2012-03-24 17:04

Looking at where you cut the wobby's spine, you can go about half the distance towards its nose to reach the joint at the back of its head, giving you a heap more meat.

The best way to find out where to cut the head off is to follow the back gill passage up untill its just behind the line of its eyes then cut across. Don't go all the way through to its throat, stopping at the white leathery lining . Open it up from its vent to the throat making sure you don't cut open the stomach and straight through the big breast bone, fold the head down towards its belly and the throat lining should come away carrying all the guts with it. Lift the innards out and remove the brown strip of flesh along the spine [this is where the ammonia smell and taste comes from] cut the tail off and wash it, making sure you flush the hole that runs up the spine to the bottom of the guts cavity.

To fillet it is to cut down either side of its backbone all the way from heat to tail , split the halves, cut the belly flaps off, lay the fillets on a flat surface skin down and with a sharp knife laid flat on the inside of the skin and held flat gradually slice the meat  off, it should all come off in one piece with some practice. Same goes for both side of the belly flaps, removing the skin and the white lining.

Once you've got that far slice your fillets off at right angles across the long pieces and back at about a 45deg angle

Hope it helps

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Nice one mate!

Sat, 2012-03-24 18:17

Family will be eating well for a while! Good stuff :)

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well the wobbe tasted awesome

Sat, 2012-03-24 19:28

well the wobbe tasted awesome so did the mulloway

cheers carnarvonite for the info will try all that with the next one i get its one of the better fish i have eaten i reakon even my young bloke had a second helping wich is unheard of told him it was the shark that he was eating after he had finished haha.

i miss the old days when i used to live in carnarvon and work on the pro boats coral trout and red emporer whenever i wanted it


your right about going further forward to cut the spine i did cut the meat that i missed out further up i got most of it in the end, wouldnt have served it up at a restaurunt but it will all look the same tomorow