Night Jigging

Hi guys,

I sign up for one of the charters to do night fishing - it's a corporate social event. The plan is to bring my jigging gear and Sps.

Seems like we will be targeting snappers -around 120m mark.

Was wondering if anyone has done jigging in Perth waters around Rottnest before ? How about SPs?

Any advice is appreciated.



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 Hmmm since its nitego for

Thu, 2014-02-27 10:33

 Hmmm since its nite

go for slower movements i guess? try using jigs with glow!


SP that are scented would work best! good luck!

oh and focus on the bottom most layer of the water column

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 what charter are you going

Thu, 2014-02-27 10:58

 what charter are you going with mate?

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Mills Charters

Thu, 2014-02-27 13:41

Mills Charters

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Hey EricPossibly the best

Thu, 2014-02-27 17:13

Hey Eric

Possibly the best snapper session I have ever had on plastics was at night - but this was in 8-10m at Abrolhos, not in 120m at Rotto!

I think you will struggle to get them down, unless you use a rig like this, which is very popular in the UK for cod on the deep wrecks, and I will try it out on Saturday off the English south coast if the weather holds.

The line you see at the bottom is your main leader running up to the mainline, the line you see at the top is a short leader attaching to a normal jig head. this way you can still fish a light jig head. Even professional cod fisherman here use this method apparently.

I have never had much luck with night jigging (other than shallow water stuff) but many people seem to recommend lumo.

However lumo in my experience always attracts sharks, which isn't what you want if you are on the deep structure off Rotto haha. 120m of Whaler hauling goodness. Make sure you bring your Yamaga.


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 I wouldnt bother taking jigs

Fri, 2014-06-27 17:01

 I wouldnt bother taking jigs or soft placky on mills they overload there boats and heaps of tangles they dont like people using braid. Ive had bad experiences whith them in the past when taking my own gear