NOR overnighter report

Went for an overnight fish on Monday night with Herbie and Billy.

It started off pretty slow with weed hampering monday nights fishing.

This morning though the tailor, whiting and herring were all on the bite along with heaps of stingrays at our feed chewing the berly trail.

I caught a gummy shark and then not long after Billy's rell screemed off and we thought he was onto another ray, Herbie threw his whiting line out as a disguised sabotage which managed to get tangled around billy's line so I had to step in to mediate (untangle) and noticed a substantial mulloway thrashing in the shore break which was a surprise to us all.  Billy then free from Herbie's antics wound in his prize and I dragged it up the beach as I left the gaff in the car.  It was Billys first mulloway and a cracker that pulled the scales down to 13kg, well done mate.

Herbie took advantage of the strong easterly and had a whole tailor balloned out which got mauled after a while, so out went another one and after a strike that had us guessing and a long wind in a Bronzie emerged.

all in all a great session capped off by Billy 

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Sounds like one of the l/b

Tue, 2011-11-22 21:15

Sounds like one of the l/b session you dream of.Great mulla and a POTM contender there.

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Shit yeh awesome report ,

Tue, 2011-11-22 21:28

Shit yeh awesome report , Great captures. Persistance pays of again.


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Top report

Tue, 2011-11-22 21:29

Top report guy's, sounds like fun and a nice mulla too .

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Awsome overnighter guys, cant

Tue, 2011-11-22 21:34

Awsome overnighter guys, cant ask for a better trip then that, perfect conditions and good fish! Congrats to billy on his first mulla, and a good mulla at that!

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 Top fish guys. well done!

Tue, 2011-11-22 22:06

 Top fish guys. well done! cracker mulla too. 


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The Mulloway

Tue, 2011-11-22 22:28

jinx continues for you Rig.

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Great report Justin

Tue, 2011-11-22 23:02

Great report Justin




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Well done again billy

Wed, 2011-11-23 06:24

A great fish and a great night by the camp fire with a few beers as well

Great photos rig



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Wed, 2011-11-23 07:17

Great morning session by the look of it. Congrats on the mulloway.


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Great mulla thetre. some fun

Wed, 2011-11-23 07:45

Great mulla thetre. some fun had with every1 getting into fish, nice work lads.

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Nice One Guys!!!

Wed, 2011-11-23 07:55

Bloody good job guys!!

Sounds like a great trip :)

How was the weed when you left on tuesday ?

Its been shocking up there for the last couple of weeks.

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Donkey Mulla - well done

Wed, 2011-11-23 07:55

Donkey Mulla - well done buddy.

(nice size sharkie there Sherbs)


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Top stuff fellas!Billy

Wed, 2011-11-23 08:12

Top stuff fellas!

Billy congrats on the mulla dude!

Great shore based session of fishing indeed :)



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Nice work Billy!!

Wed, 2011-11-23 18:29

Nice work Billy!!

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Wed, 2011-11-23 19:08

Well done lads. Look at that mulla! And the delight in Billys face, excellent stuff

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Hit the same spot

Fri, 2011-11-25 11:59

Fish going off everywere, And some droping bait as well,

Some tailor hooked and drop And lots of rays hooked,   And some we dont know what, But can only guest


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Beautiful clean mulloway,

Fri, 2011-11-25 12:28

Beautiful clean mulloway, well done


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nice one guys. good feed?

Fri, 2011-11-25 17:07

nice one guys. good feed?

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Fri, 2011-11-25 20:48

Mulla Billy, Sherbs ya coont!