North Mole

Just a heads up they're closing the Moles at dusk tonight, just wandering what other options for chasing pinkies tonight or tomorrow morning, should be perfect weather for them. 

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Fri, 2016-05-20 17:00



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Fri, 2016-05-20 17:44

Went for drive the other day , and most/ some parts of ASI groynes seem to be off limits now, any

body can add?

Might just be best to head out in a borrowed , light and underpowered tub, what can go wrong?


Joke, long timers on here ( me included) , never seem to want to forget the legend , that was ,

 "'I am heading out in a cyclone man! '" ya all pussys if you dont!





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Will the moles remain open

Fri, 2016-05-20 17:28

I hope the FPA keep access to the north mole open during the blow.

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Sorry mate

Fri, 2016-05-20 17:51

but that's what he's saying, they're shutting them until Tomorrow at the earliest

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 Mate of mine is there atm

Fri, 2016-05-20 17:52

 Mate of mine is there atm and it's still open, he said it's quite calm but there definately is a statement from Fremantle Port saying it will be closed.