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doing my house ASAP and not too sure about the inverter.

have been quoted about $500 more for the Fronius (10 year warranty)inverter as aposed to Goodwee/solis (5 year but upgradeable for $200 to 10 year) fronius made in Aust by austrian Co and other china

is there really a difference?  


would love ppl to chime in asnd let me know if youve had either and good bad etc


yes have read a million reviews here and elseware.   Just after some real live experiences from the boys i trust :) 


Money doesn't buy happiness but it pays for my fishing so ...I may be wrong there.

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All the same in my viewfor

Thu, 2018-11-01 18:50

All the same in my view

for the price of them nowdays

they will pay themselves off before the warranty period anyway


I’ve got a zeversolar inverter and Canadian solar panels and it works a treat

koala Solar in canningvale did mine was the cheapest I could find by a long shot and was very professional and did a great job 


good luck  

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Fronius is a manufacturer

Thu, 2018-11-01 19:08

Fronius is a manufacturer backed warranty where the other one will be likely be installer warranty.  

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Got fronius at home and work.

Thu, 2018-11-01 20:30

Got fronius at home and work. Have never had an issue.  Did my research before we chose and pretty happy with the decision. 

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Storage compatible?

Thu, 2018-11-01 20:56

 You may not feel batteries are viable yet, and even if they are not, they will be soon. Be sure you can use your new inverter with a storage system--they are not all battery- ready.

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We just replaced all our

Fri, 2018-11-02 13:58

We just replaced all our solar and batteries, old batteries were due for replacement but the solar was ok, but we changed it to the latest in Monocrystalline panels. Cost just over 5k, but good peace of mind.

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 D_d..... Fronious are still

Fri, 2018-11-02 17:32



Fronious are still regarded as one of the leaders, do you have a single roof where all of your panels are going?


Any shading at any time of the day?


If so then Solaredge with optimisers is a good way to go....

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Fri, 2018-11-02 17:39

I went with a 5kw Fronius Inverter about 4 years ago, nothing to compare it against but it's been faultless so far.


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 Sorry i fucked that up i

Fri, 2018-11-02 19:26

 Sorry i fucked that up i meant a single aspect within your roof space which all the panels will be facing...

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 Hahha no probs ...yep single

Fri, 2018-11-02 20:53

 Hahha no probs ...yep single nor th facing.   An easily fit 24 panels on with only start of shading late in the day.


Ranmar...think they are both baytery ready


Money doesn't buy happiness but it pays for my fishing so ...I may be wrong there.

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 I'd stick with Fronious if

Fri, 2018-11-02 22:50

 I'd stick with Fronious if thats the case....