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 Hi All,

Got back from NZ a few weeks back, had the best time and would recommend any one to do the trip. We did it in two parts, the south in camper van exploring and the north with my partners family.

Dates were 21st April to 3rd May in South and 3rd to 12th in North. We got magic weather in the south, 12-15 degree sunny days the whole trip with only one foggy day on Anzac day at Mt Cook. The north in Taranaki drizzled the whole time as fronts came from the north. I did see on the forums the south got solid snow and weather the week after we got home.

Summary: christchurch to akaroa to Lake tekapo/mt cook to queenstown to arrowtown and surrounds to franz josef to hokitika to charleston to Richmond to Picton then interislander to North. The south east was in magic autumn colours and the west in wild green weathered tropics.  Photos do no justice to the scenery, clean, pristine and contrasting nearly every corner you go around. 

Already planning the very south around the sounds and fjords, if its anything like the rest then not missing out. Also going to factor in some fishing next trip.

Had to put a West Coast photo in too.. ;)



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Nice Adam

Sat, 2023-05-27 12:46

Pleased to hear you enjoyed it.

It's a great place to visit.  Some magic pics.   



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looks amazing. beautiful

Sat, 2023-05-27 14:38

looks amazing. beautiful photos.

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 Awesome pics Adam, the whole

Sun, 2023-05-28 11:47

 Awesome pics Adam, the whole country is just magical. 


Love the West!

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 the southern parts of SI is

Sun, 2023-05-28 17:30

 the southern parts of SI is my favourite , te anua etc they got better rivers , more brown trout imo fjordland can be amazing - but if the weathers catches up - u r stuffed

let me know when u wanna head over im there again from 1 oct to 20 dec   - just to catch browns (occasional rainbow) also have access to a private campervan at 1/4 the cost of the big mobs

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Tue, 2023-05-30 09:50

 Looks epic as expected. Would love to get back over there with the kids one day. 

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Visit again

Tue, 2023-05-30 10:23

 Would love to head back over again. Was there Dec/ Jan 1999/2000 getting a boat ready to sail over to Fremantle via Eden, all I got to see was the centre of Auckland and Newhaven marina in the 3 weeks I was there.

Then came the hard part with 23 days sailing and getting belted for 5 of those in the middle of the Tasman averaging 2knots bashing into huge seas.

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 Some amazing photos there

Thu, 2023-06-01 16:44

 Some amazing photos there Adam. Looks stunning! 


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