Ocean legacy and truscend jig rods

 Casing some info on truscend and ocean legacy light jigging rods . Chasing a pe1 to pe2.5  with parabolic action . Live in the pilbara so cant get my hands on one to look at . Using it with a ocea jigger 1500 chasing smaller reef species like blue lined emperor etc . Also any stockists around i can have a chat with about them .


Cheers Carry


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Wed, 2021-08-04 07:53

this is my experience with Oceans Legacy: a mate recently bought a "heavy" OL jig rod, that snapped on its very first fish (which was tiny in comparison to the rods rating). he then had a massive, drawn out shit fight with the retailer and OL to get it sorted.  I felt the rod, and it felt very soft for its pe 4-5 rating. his replacement is a pe 5-6, and still feels soft, IMHO. we'll see how that goes next trip north.


we also since found out some other main tackle stores stopped selling them because they snapped easy, and CBF'd dealing with the warranty and replacement side of things. 


I know others may have better experiences and opinions on OL, but I wouldnt take one unless it was free.

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Wed, 2021-08-04 08:28

 Cheers for the reply 


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 I got the Nomad Designs

Wed, 2021-08-04 11:04

 I got the Nomad Designs PE1-2 slow jigger ~3 months ago and have been very happy with it; https://www.ottostackleworld.com.au/nomad-design-slow-pitch-jigging-rods 


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Good and bad of my OL experience

Wed, 2021-08-04 19:52

I have used both the overhead and spin versions of the Ocean Legacy Slow Element PE4 jigging rods for about 3 years.
Overall, I think they are awesome rods. If I lost my overhead, I would be straight to the shops and outlaying the $250 odd to replace it.
My very first fish on that rod was an 87cm Dhuie and since then I have boated many larger fish and probably close to a hundred good sized fish. Recently at the Monties I hooked some unstoppables (these were not sharks but likely huge cods/groupers) on 100lb braid which we simply could not get to the top and after 10 minutes we simply tied/snapped off ... but the rod had no trouble handling it, the fish were simply too big. And keep in mind on that same trip, the rod easily accounted for a 20kg+ Estuary cod (well over 1m which we had to return).

If guys are snapping these rods, then I can only assume that there are either some bad batches every now and then or their rods are getting unknown knocks at some stage. But I have treated my two very poorly and they keep on kicking on.

My bad experience is with the very small guides that my models have. The overhead has 10 guides (set in a spiral fashion). They are single leg guides and prolonged use of heavy braid and leader tends to lead to guides two to four from the tip getting damaged. I have had these repaired on no less than a handful of occassions. The dearer Elementus range jigging rods do have better guides. But I'm more than happy with my cheaper model.

And even though I have the PE4 models, they are still extremely light and sensitive enough to use with smaller jigs.