Oceanside and Compleat Nedlands Photo of August 2014 Winner - Matt Miller's Queen Snapper

Please vote for who you think is a worthy winner of the Photo of August 2014 competition. The winner will get to choose an item from a $25 tackle store voucher from Oceanside Tackle and Marine or Compleat Angler Nedlands, the runner up will also get a $25 voucher from one of the stores. Please check out the stories that go with the catches as well and vote for who you like.  Please remember if you think you have a worthy photo for the photo of the month, you MUST add it to the site as an individual image and not only in the forums as it is too difficult for me to go through all the forum threads. If you have any questions regarding the competition or want to sponsor the POTM, then please PM me; I have chosen the 6 fish photos that I think best represent what gets caught and posted on the site. If you don't like an entry, then don't vote for it and remember it is just for fun.  Cheers, Adam


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Winner - MattMiller's Queen Snapper

Wed, 2014-11-12 10:30

Beau's Sambo
10% (16 votes)
Luke Deguara's Dhufish
9% (15 votes)
Mitch Key's C.Trout
22% (34 votes)
Madfisher's Spangled Emp
11% (17 votes)
Tangle's Dhufish
13% (21 votes)
Mattmiller's Queen Snapper
35% (55 votes)
Total votes: 158


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Oh sweet

Wed, 2014-11-12 14:36

cheers guys

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 Can't argue with that!

Wed, 2014-11-12 15:08

 Can't argue with that!


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