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 Hey guys, my best mate and I in our 50's love our fishing but have been spoilt with access to some awesome creek and off shore fishing in the Pilbara. We made a pact to dedicate a week a year for a boys trip fishing. I've got a good 4.5m runabout but just wanted some suggestions of location to fish reasonably easy, beach is still good with 4x4 but not camp out. 

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Thu, 2024-06-06 08:02

 Plenty of options on the south coast.

Walpole would suit your boat.

River and Estuary fishing and close in offshore when the weather allows.

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 There's always Broome and

Thu, 2024-06-13 17:00

 There's always Broome and the Kimberley just up the road. 
Great fishing either bay or off shore