Bargain electric motors

 Hi everyone

Looking into getting an electric motor for the tinnie and planning on doing it on a budget.

Have a 4.0m tinnie so really only need a lower thrust motor,

Options are haswing 55lb, water snake stealth 54lb and water snake fierce 2 54lb.

Will I be plagued with problems by buying a cheapy and making it worth buying the more pricey motors, And if anyone has any personal experience with these some advice on these would be great



 i need cheaper hobbies

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Thu, 2024-06-13 08:37

 I'd take a Watersnake over a Minn Kota every time.

I've had 3 Kota's and 3 Watersnakes over the years and Watersnakes have out lasted them every time.

And at about half the price.

The rest is just options. What do you want it to do?

My advice is get the most features you can afford.

You will use them.