Swanbourne drain 4WD access?

 Hi just wondering if theres any tracks to get to swanbourne drain by car. Wouldnt mind hitting it up for old times sakes, havent been there for many years and had to walk there at the  time we use to fish it. Cheers for any advice

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Sat, 2024-06-08 09:38

 I  wander along the beach past the drain now and then, sometime take a rod and flick lures for tailor and herring. As far as I know you still have to walk in. There is a dirt road comes in close to where the drain is, but pretty sure it is fenced off, maybe inside the military area.

Probably closest walk is to park somewhere near the intersection of Bodmin Ave and Challenger Pde then take the beach access a little south of that. About 350m walk until you hit the beach, then 500m further south to the drain. Never seen any vehicles on that bit, but occasionally the tracks from buggies like the Coucils or Lifesavers use. Walking up along the beach from the Swanbourne end is maybe 2.5km