Open for sugestions please South of Perth heading to Norsman eventually.

Needing some great advice please,So my folks i and my wife are doing the grey Nomad journey heading East one day ,We are planning to head South next week but no further South than Busso but I'm looking for alternative spots that would be suitable for my dear old dad hes in his 80s and I'm thinking beach or estuary is better than the rocks.Jetty is OK to.Easy access where he can get out the car and not have far to walk or better still were he can walk from a van park get something decent ,Oh and a feed of crabs from the shore would be a bonus.

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Fri, 2020-06-12 16:29

Geographe Bay Rd past the boat ramp, easy parking, short walk to the beach (about 30m), great on a southerly/southwesterly as your back is to the wind.  Oil slick and some burley get herring, skippy and perhaps squid, and might be the odd crab in close to get with a scoop net late afternoon early evening.  Don't forget the beers.

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Cheers Wagyl

Sat, 2020-06-13 08:19

Thanks mate Looks like an awesome spot ,thanks for sharing.Will find a park now .
I have been looking at Binningup Beach an park ,it looks like good access.Thanks anyway will have a look at your spot .

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 Hamelin bay caravan park.

Sat, 2020-06-13 07:15

 Hamelin bay caravan park. Right on the beach


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Thanks Guys will check that one out for sure

Sat, 2020-06-13 08:07

Thanks very much guys will check out that spot .