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Hi all Im after a bit of info on PFDs if anyone can help living in Carnarvon I spend a lot of time on the quobba rocks (hence the nickname i guess) and have decided to do the right n safe thing and get myself a lifejacket to wear when im on some of the lower ledges, just incase the worse happens and i end up in the drink...


I dont mind paying whatever for one, but am a bit picky as to what it must be like:

 -must be self (auto) inflating, ie: if i was to bash my head and go unconsious it would inflate by itself and give me half a chance.

-must be light and not too cumbersome- some of the ledges are a pain in the a** to climb to during the summer in even the lightest clothing.


anyone have one they could recommend or know of one that fits the above description? Id found some on the net a while ago when I was looking at them, but buggered if I can find the website again.


 Thanks in advance for any help/ advice anyone can give!

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Look for PFD not PDF

Thu, 2010-07-22 19:50

Laughing There was a post here not long ago about the same topic.  Do a search.