PE jig line failure

I do a fair bit of jigging (like 100++ days a year) and my gear gets used hard and long.
I buy the best I can obtain, I don't abuse it and I maintain it well.

Just recently I had some Varivas 10x10 colour High Power PE3 1 x 5 x 10 jigging braid break on a straight (steady) pull.

I was using 25lb Seaguar floro leader joined to the braid with a bimini x bimini.
There was no contact on the line between me and the snag.
Whenever I've snagged up before with this set-up (which is 1-4 times each trip) the floro has always broken just above the swivel, (tuna knot).

The disturbing thing about this break is that the braid broke at a point midway between the leader and the reel - on a section that had a yellow colour band, the 5 metre mark on this brand of line.
There was no noticeable damage to the braid that I could see - whilst on the boat.

BUT - this specific line is 4 weave PE. 
That means that when you reel it under load through the rod guides it makes a grinding noise.
When examined under a X10 magnifier the weave of the working braid can be seen to be 'fuzzy'.
There are clearly small broken fibres sticking off the sides of the braid weave all along the working length.

I don't know if the structure of this braid has been broken down by repeated passage through the guides, by the environmental conditions, or by the action of pulling for a break?  

The reel was a Saltiga Z4500 with perfect line roller, and the rod a Saltiga Coastal with undamaged and perfectly smooth, top quality tip ring and guides.

Just my observations and any constructive comments would be welcome.

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When's the last time you

Tue, 2007-08-14 00:11

When's the last time you changed line? Might just be time to do that.
Alternatively, have it respooled back to front, cheap but not ideal, and depending on how much the line at the bottom has been exposed.

For me, when line starts breaking just like that, usually after a year or so, its just time for a change.  But usually I change my PE every year. Normal wear and tear.

There are some ways you can prevent this; maintenance such as buying the Morris Co. line spray, or stripping line and soaking it in freshwater, but perhaps for the amount of effort and cost you can just change the line. And I don't know how much the maintenance helps, but it doesn't seem worth my effort.

Varivas is expensive yes, but if you use it 1 out of every 3.6 days, then you are making good use of it.

Just my thoughts.

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Tue, 2007-08-14 15:15

I have had the same 50 lb braid on my reel for 3 years , I fish 1 to 4 days a week and jig all Sambo season running up to 1 kg jigs and up to 50 kg plus fish, line still looks good for this season as well ( will be season 4 for this line ) , jigging season starts Nov and finishes March .

Has the line had other braids running across it as this is the main reason braid fails on the boat I work on ( in fact I would say this is the only reason for braid failure during jigging season )



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What type are you using Mav?

Tue, 2007-08-14 16:14

What type are you using Mav? My accu depth braid is still like new and its nearlly 1year old and gets a hammering.

Keep it tight, reeeeeeel tight!

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Tue, 2007-08-14 20:51

Timbo at Cambells spooled it up for me when I bought the reel.

Was the Campbells stock braid but I just love it , wonder if they have any more of it .

If I was to respool it will be Varivas Tuna PE5.

( Skipper has 8 brand spankin' Van Stalls to spool up , wouldn't wish it on anyone but him )



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3 years is damn good

Tue, 2007-08-14 23:02

3 years is damn good Brendan.
Maybe its just my dodgy knots ;) Well I stay away from certain brands now anyway.

Maybe others can help you with your problem Mick.

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PE line failure - update

Sun, 2007-08-19 20:03

Thanks for your input guys.

Kasey L - The line was nearly 2years old and had only been cut back a few inches for re-knotting when the bimini loop started fraying. I too don't use any line cleaning or dressing apart from the freshwater wash down when I do the reel.  

Maverick - the line didn't touch another line, I was fishing alone, as I nearly always do.

I have now stripped of all the line with any broken braids visible and am trying that for a few sessions.
But I have the horrible feeling that the braid is breaking down structurally and the damage is not visible to normal examination. 

I cannot get a contact email for Varivas (Morris Japan) but when I do I'll get their opinions on the problem, if anyone has it please post.

I've also ordered some YGK WX8 from Japan, its their latest stuff and I'll give a report on how that works out when its spooled and running.

For interest I've been running some breaking tests on some BRAND NEW and UNUSED Varivas Avani Jigging PE4 8braid 10m x 10colors, its also marked Pro Quality 40lb.
The highest load I could achieve before breaking was 32lb with an average of 30lb.

Interesting eh?