PE6 Jigging Rod Advice

I am looking at picking up a new rod for jigging / bottom bouncing in Metro and NW waters. Will be using jigs up to about 300gms and matching the rod with a spheros or saragosa.

I have been looking at 3 rods, Monster Mesh max 300 spin, T-Curve Revolution PE6 Jig and FWA PE6 Jig. It would be great to hear opinions on these rods or any others that are similar and come in around the $200 mark.




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Couple of Lemax options

Wed, 2011-04-27 10:19

Lemax has two great value rods that are worth checking out:

The Stormfire now comes in a PE 4-6 (the dark rod in the link) / 330g model.  The rods have Lemax' custom SiC guides, Fuji reel seat and they look schmick.  RRP is only $220.

Also the Firebull has a PE 5-6 model rated for jigs to 300g.  Same as above they have Lemax' custom SiC guides and a Fuji reel seat, they've got a long butt for comfortable jigging and again they look fantastic with the red blank and gimble (which you can see in my signature below).  RRP is a bit higher at $280.

They are both really tidy and great quality rods.

If you want more info flick me a PM or give one of the stockists a call.


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Jigging rods

Wed, 2011-04-27 18:00

The FWA series Jigging rod is awesome value for great performance.

Another one to consider is the Ugly Stik Bluewater Jig rod. They do a PE5 and a PE8. Great value as well for around $200.


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i have a monster mesh and t curve

Wed, 2011-04-27 19:51

the revolution is supposed to have an inferior finish to the standard t curve.  I like my monster mesh a fair bit, probably better than the t curve.


That being said I am thinking of going a FWA rod - so much lighter and cheaper.


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