pink bits!

 Managed to get stuck in to the pinks over the last seven days. every trip has seen good fish landed and in around 6m of water!!! Never thought i would get sick of snapper but feck me they are everywhere!

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Wed, 2017-08-09 13:22

 Good effort in the dinghy, 


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I'm actually struggling this

Wed, 2017-08-09 14:22

I'm actually struggling this year, last year was very productive, this season not so good.

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 no-one likes a smartarse

Wed, 2017-08-09 15:57

 no-one likes a smartarse :)

well done, especially in a tinny!

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  Great stuff bud...make hay

Wed, 2017-08-09 16:11



Great stuff bud...make hay while the sun shines they say!!

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 Fuckyeah ! Killer work mate

Wed, 2017-08-09 16:31

 Fuckyeah ! Killer work mate ! 

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 that would be a nice prob to

Wed, 2017-08-09 18:20

 that would be a nice prob to have. well done just getting out that much and hgetting the pinks


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earnt it

Wed, 2017-08-09 21:11

 Looks like you earnt them mate, congrats. Love shallow water snaps.

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thanks guys!

Thu, 2017-08-10 21:00

 Sure has been cold and wet to say the least but the snaps always manage to put a smile on my face. Got into them again today as the water is even more stirred up than previous trips and can't help but notice that they just love dirty water.