Point Peron Boat Ramp, 08-04-2018

 Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen

On Sunday, despite the favourable weather conditions, I needed to spend a few days in the workshop building up stocks of wood turned items. Son sent me a text in the morning 'Glass conditions'. I deleted the text quickly, got back to work. Turned a platter, looked out the window, not a breath of a breeze, hmmmm, should be out in the boat diving. No, no, gotta get back to work.

Each item I made, looked out the workshop door, bugger, still no wind. Okay, down tools, go for a dive.

Well, I could not believe how many cars were at the Point Peron boat ramp, spilled out of the carpark and onto Point Peron Road, up the HMAS STIRLING Pass office. As I was going to be launching at the gentlemanly hour of 1100, I saw boats leaving and knew I could get a park.

I then noticed the Naval Association had hosted an all day Food Market, wow, all the single cars which filled up the car/boat trailer carparks, wow, what a mess. I guess there would be a lot of angry boaties who couldn't park due to cars in theirs bays.

What were they thinking!
Oh yeah, got a good carpark and a few crays, cracker day on the water.



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Mon, 2018-04-09 18:17

Saw that event was on as well when we drove in.

Was surprised the carpark was only half full of boats in the morning. With the forecast I was expecting it to be overflowing by 7:30 when we got there.

Weather wasnt as expected first up but dropped off nicely around lunch.


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 im sure there would have

Mon, 2018-04-09 18:42

 im sure there would have been many annoyed boaties . seen it like that before but 90% were boaties and i would say the rest were deckies. 

 at least you got out there and didnt give up 


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