Point Samson GT fishing

 Hey guys,


looking at going somewhere different in june/july, jist wondering if anyone has fished Point Samson onshore and offshore for GT? Cant find much on the net



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Never had alot of luck with

Tue, 2018-01-23 06:47

Never had alot of luck with GT's out of Point Samson, I always seem to get smashed by goldens and other trevalley, plenty of reef to try right from PS to Jarman Island and beyond.

The really big GT's that we would catch were along the Cape lambert ore wharf, they were bloody monsters, but its illegal to fish anywhere near there now. Coincidently, the service wharf had fair numbers of Mulloway as well, but we only fished there under the cover of darkness haha.

Caught a few GT's on the back end of Delambre and up towards Depuch, Sable and Ronsard but not monsters.

When I lived in Dampier, Legendre held quite a few bigger models, more on the NW end for me. I usually made my way up through Flying foam passage and went up the inside of Legendre to Keast having a ball casting lures to shallow water coral trout and once I was past Keast I would would troll up to the tip of Legendre for queenies in shallow water, once you hit the deep water off Legendre it's a bloody smorgasboard of fish with GT's, tuna, all types of mackeral, queenie's and cobia.

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 Mate! Thanks for all the

Tue, 2018-01-23 09:19

 Mate! Thanks for all the info, you have given me plenty of places to go have a look!! Ypu get much yellow fin of the back there or out wider?? Pretty keen to do some exploring when im there

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No yellowfin mate From

Sun, 2018-01-28 19:07

No yellowfin mate

From memory just mack tuna and northern

Normally if I found tuna schools I would get saifish gear as well as a deep diver for the cobia and mackeral.

If I had no hits it's was out with the twisties and lighter gear.

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 There can be some big arse

Mon, 2018-01-29 07:00

 There can be some big arse GT on the shipping channel markers, the chain and float ones the best. 


 Cheers Treky