Possession limit decrease, part deux

The last thread is getting a bit long to follow.

For what it’s worth, I completed the recfishwest survey, and made every answer clear I was against a limit drop, and sharks were a bigger problem than overfishing. I also remember hearing (on 882/6PR’s fishing programme) that the response to the survey was “an overwhelming NO to a limit decrease”. So much for that aye...


So where to now with the new possession limits? From what I can ascertain, they will almost certainly be bought in state-wide, not just shark bay. That should be interesting when fishing down south, where the majority of kept fish is demersal. I am sincerely hoping that one way or another, shark number reductions are on the agenda, as per recfishwest’s proposal in their statement.


Some valid points bought up in other threads/forums, including BJ’s remarks about continual erosion of our rights and limits. I couldn’t agree more. Also how much science/research went into this proposed change?? We are 10 years into a 20 year programme to monitor/assess fish stocks and catches in WA, so why bring in such a huge reduction halfway, based on hearsay from a bunch of mungbean green locals?


Formula 233’s post potentially has all the ammo we need to start moving against this proposal, especially about it being our resource - “The fishing resources of Western Australia are owned by the people of Western Australia - not the pollies, the fisheries etc. - the People OWN the Resource and the guardians are there to manage it - FOR US!”


Dodgey also made a mint point, will pros get the same reduction?


Anyway, I think with a local election happening soon, the iron is hot to start making noises to stop the whole shebang. Feel free to jot down a quick 2 or 3 line email opposing the changes, basing it on science, highlighting other important issues (like shark reductions), etc, and copy/paste/send to recfishwest, local members, fisheries, minister tinley, friends, post it on facey, etc, etc. with enough noise and airtime, it will gain traction real quick, and media will start picking up on it.