Hi all,

Am very new to prawning and am looking for some pointers. I have tried the search function before anyone points that out to me.

I am looking at getting prawns for either bait or a feed. Now I am located in Bunbury. I remeber when I was a lot younger heading out with a net in the inlet down towards Australind but this was many moons ago now.

Is there any area's not specific spots I can try? Oh I have a hand held prawn light and a prawn net no boat.

Your help or pointers would be muchly appreciated.

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prawning try Australind

Sun, 2011-11-20 17:17

I think you can only use a dab net in the inlet, if you use a good head light (cree make a ripper thats cheap) I think you should do ok on the shallow flats where you see the tracks going into the inlet you will have to watch the wind though