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Will the JM 200g Evo Ti rod,  handle 300g jigs?,  and if paired to the Talica 12 ii with 50lb braid would it handle Sambo's?



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Nice rod and reel combo it

Wed, 2013-06-26 01:41

Nice rod and reel combo it would probably do it but definately not ideal. No need to go that heavy on jigs if your jigging around Perth. I use the JM 53BUL PE 1.5-4 with an OJ 2000 30LB braid jigs up to 220gm in water up to 100m no problem.

Just drop jig weight to match rod will be able to work jig more and impart a better action.

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200g Evo Tit

Wed, 2013-06-26 16:57

Ryan uses that rod and a JM PE3 with 50lb braid out there on sambos/ambos etc. He uses 300g JM rocket jigs and the rod handles that weight as with sambo's your not going to work the jig heaps through the rod. As BigSpinna said where you can go lighter jigs if the conditions suit as it will save your arm also.


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