Quick Trout Report

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Cheers for the report

Mon, 2011-09-19 21:19

Cheers for the report mate, the Colie sounded like fun.

Sad to here about the state of Warroona, i usualy avoid that place due to all the people that stay there, definately not a quiet place on the weekends. Wont be long until they kick every one out due to the lack of respect for the area.


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Yeah it was bloody ironic as,

Mon, 2011-09-19 21:47

Yeah it was bloody ironic as, on the way to Waroona, i was chating with my mate about how it sucked how most of our dams are closed to any form of recreation, whereas nearly all the dams in the Eastern States are open to a wide range of recreational activities.

I was like, ' if we were allowed to its not like people who would be recreationally using the dams here are going to bugger them up for drinking water', moments later pull up to dam edge and see the burnt out car dumped in the dam(albeit water being so low at the moment not currently in the water, but will be if it rises) and shit tins of rubbish, beer cans and broken bottles. Think i lost my cause in his eyes.

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Too true

Mon, 2011-09-19 22:16

Too true Buz, it dosen't help in the fight to gain access to these water ways. I have seen it at Harvey dam during Marron season as well.

It seems to be a growing problem as we have seen on other recent threads about rubbish on our beaches.

Most of my favorite fishing/camping spots, that i grew up going to are now closed and patroled by rangers. Its not fair to the people that do the right thing.

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new to freshwater and headed to collie for work

Tue, 2011-09-20 12:55

Heading down to collie for a couple weeks be workin night shift so ill have the mornings to fish, where about a in collie is good to fish is be happy with redfin but trout would be a bonus, would I catch much in the river by town?