RAV4 - Anyone own one? Need mechanical advise please!!!

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to know if anyone out there owns a manual RAV4 O7 model?  We purchased one a couple months back and now have a "clunking noise" appearing when we put the vehicle into 1st gear.  This noise has been there since owning the car, however it only seems appears after its warmed up - say once we've done 30kms + on the vehicle.

I'm currently dealing with the clarskon Toyota Dealership who are trying to tell me it's a characteristic of the car.  I did test drive another manual up there which was the same model and it did have a slight clunk noise though nothing compared to ours.

(This was a vehicle that they selected which had done 30,000kms more than ours so I don't know how trust worthy such a comparision is)

The mechanical reasoning for it makes sense though I don't believe that it is a "characteristic" of this model and that it happens with ALL RAV manuals.

Would like to hear from anyone that owns the same car, or perhaps a mechanic that knows about this problem?  Apparently its to do with slack in the main shaft / drive shaft?

The management up at Clarkson dealership are really starting to p#ss me off and it seems we are constanlty being told lies - so yeah once again any feedback would be much appreciated!



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Sounds like a shoddy drive

Fri, 2009-12-04 11:49

Sounds like a shoddy drive shaft or uni joint to me.



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I’ve got 03 model manual

Fri, 2009-12-04 14:29

I’ve got 03 model manual and no such a thing luckily happening to me. But I thing I’ve seen on some US RAV4 forum mentioning something similar. Try google it.

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Wed, 2009-12-23 20:39

is ur clutch disengaging properly, it could be gears grindin