Recfish to test shark repellent devices

I’m sure you all saw the email, this should be really interesting, hopefully resulting in more sustainable fishing

After being hammered by sharks up at coral bay for the last 2 weeks we were discussing setting up a shark shield for bottom bashing ourselves, has anyone actually tried it? Bit of info on their website sounds like they're confident it works

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Tried it on pinks

Mon, 2020-08-10 07:22

In cockburn. Kept few big bronzeys away . After 10 to 15 mins didn’t bother them .

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Has anyone seen

Sun, 2020-08-23 17:29

Any follow up on this topic.

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 Nothing yet, I'm keeping an

Sun, 2020-08-30 19:16

 Nothing yet, I'm keeping an eye out. Not a nice feeling killing more fish than you keep up north