reef fishing

Hi guys, have any of you land base fishing guys try Yanchep reef,left hand side of logoon lots of tailor/mulloway/herring/whiting/silver bream/ sharks and stingray ,Now the weather geting better there not so much water coming over the reef/BUT TAKE CARE/ Reef boots you will need, And low tide is best,Talk to some of the guys that fish there/ Park car at fishing man hollow, And walk down steps, If to much swell try the logoon

tailor time about 6.30 8.30 And in the afternoon, But to much swell by then



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haha yeah my best mate live

Thu, 2006-09-28 18:12

haha yeah my best mate live in yanchepo so we often go down to the lagoon...havnt brought the rods yet tho i want to but we mostly go threr for a perve :D its good :D