Reel force charters

 Hi guys went out on reel force charters today. First time on this charter and would highly recommend anyone looking for a charter to definitely give them a call decky did a great job skipper jumps in and helps out when fish are coming over the side at all ends of the boat. The skipper had us on fish from the very first drop the bloke next to me had a fat 70 cm snapper on deck in a minute or 2 from us being told to drop. I lost a big dhue completely my fault just went to hard but it was on a second steaming run and i thought i had him beat but no way was quite pleased with how I handled it, I think I only swore once. Still had a good day did catch plenty of just under fish but still came home with fish. 


 rather be fishing

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 check out his face book

Sun, 2019-01-06 17:52

 check out his face book page, never seems to miss out.

 his deep dropping is next level to


lucky i love to fish because i cant catch any.



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 Good to hear you had a great

Sun, 2019-01-06 21:22

 Good to hear you had a great day on the water! Good charter operators are excellent, and make for a great time on the water!