Rigging up 5'' slam baits

Hey guys, i got a couple of packs of 5'' slam baits and i was wondering how to rig them up, hook size and type and weight of the jig head (if needed) etc

ill show you the hooks i've got to choose from or tell me if i need to buy some new ones lol, would prefer not to have to buy anything new cos im skint

Much appreciated guys

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 Hey mate. It all depends on

Sun, 2012-10-21 15:15

 Hey mate.


It all depends on the depth your fishing and your target species.

Let me know what your chasing and ill be able to let you know

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 Im landbased and after

Sun, 2012-10-21 15:28

 Im landbased and after anything that'll bite lol, im thinking tailor and flathead will jump onto them. What else do you think would bite? Im pretty new at this whole fishing/soft plastics thing


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the pink baits should work

Sun, 2012-10-21 21:01

the pink baits should work well with snapper and dhufish after the ban if you can find them land based


Fish! HARD!

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Wed, 2012-10-24 16:00

Mate they will work for tailor only problem is they dont last long...Its hard to tell but I normally run with the nitro heads or TT's size #2 and 3 hooks 1/6 and 1/8 weights. I fish light and good flourocarbon leader and you would be suprised what would smash a plastic.

You might get away with the middle jig heads- It all depends on the wind, current but the 5" would still be ok for tailor maybe just a tad too big.

Match the hatch little buddy.

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 Haha by the middle ones do

Wed, 2012-10-24 16:52

 Haha by the middle ones do you mean the middle left to right or the slightly small jungle hooks? =D

Cheers for the response

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Wed, 2012-10-24 18:52

The middle set of 2 x hooks in the photos not the red ones to the right. I should have said to that I run powerbaits in the 3" and Macartheys same size for the size #2 hooks- want to get size right for the gulps and slams in the 4-6".

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 Beauty, cheers mate. Ill

Fri, 2012-10-26 12:10

 Beauty, cheers mate. Ill give them a go when the ban is lifted