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Hi all I've recently purchased my 1st boat and looking for a nice river to fish I'm thinking of venturing up from Mandurah to the swan and try for a decent bream or something bigger if possible it will be just me and the mrs and she doesn't fair to well at sea :P my boats 4.65m and I usually use bait just looking for a spot to enjoy the weather putt up and down a little anchor up and have a few casts any help would be greatly appreciated.also which boat ramp to launch from?

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 Try Deep water point to

Tue, 2014-12-23 08:35

 Try Deep water point to launch from, and try around Aquinas bay and also Bull Creek for some bream. Can't say I'm a real fan of the river especially when I ran into one of the old fence posts that are submerged further up the river as bent the crap out of my prop.



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Mandurah to Pinjarra

Tue, 2014-12-23 17:29

 From mandurah head up towards pinjarra through the river. Good breamin and crabbing

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 thx jason might steer clear

Wed, 2014-12-24 05:35

 thx jason might steer clear of that one lol and thx sandbar went up the serpentine other day beeached the boat nice big gauge up the stern...... went from 2m-0 very quick and didnt even notice i saw 2 morned boats twice the size of mine right near where i beached just goes to show cant rely on your surroundings guess i shud have somehow gone slower in my 2 stroke.....

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If you come up to the swan

Fri, 2015-01-02 07:36

If you come up to the swan chasing bream I reckon your best bet at this time of year is to launch at the Maylands ramp & work your way upstream casting unweighted prawns into the snags. No shortage of bream from Maylands right up to Guildford ATM. Plenty of big ones to be had amongst the usual rats.
Another suggestion would be to launch at Point Walter & fish the drop offs & flats in the area. There's plenty of flathead around the flats & some decent bream amongst them. Float a mulie around the deep drop offs & your in with a chance of a tailor or two as well.