The river today 7th Sept

Bloody blowy and cold today. Budi and I decided some breaming are in order as the foul weather can turn them on. First stop was a rockwall which Ive been getting bream for the last few weeks.
Wind blowing the wrong direction and low water level makes fishing very quiet. The next move to MacCallum Park was a better option giving us shelter from the blasting chilly wind. Needless to say we got into some good fish and lost similar numbers to the heavy structure.

My first one after been blown away twice......
[img_assist|fid=48606|thumb=0|alt=Hon-Su's bream1]

The effectiveness of light gauge circle hooks.......2/0 Mustad demon circle.
[img_assist|fid=48613|thumb=0|alt=circle hooks for bream]

Budi first legal one after a couple of false starts with 10cm fish.....
Then proceeded to either pull the hooks or blown away.....
[img_assist|fid=48629|thumb=0|alt=Budi's bream2]

Biggest of the day.......
[img_assist|fid=48610|thumb=0|alt=Hon-Su's bream2]

Fished the outgoing tide after lunch and decided to get on the jetty to fish hard under the jetty.......blown away a few more times again then finally managed to land this baby........ I think you'll know which jetty this is....

[img_assist|fid=48626|thumb=0|alt=Hon-Su's bream3]




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Fri, 2006-09-08 10:19

Some lovely blackies there Honsu. I will have to take you to this spot I showed Gribbo the other day, theres a heap of big blackies but theyre very cautious. We were there in the middle of the day, but I reckon if you were there morning or late arvo you might get onto one or two, I'd put them in the 1-1.5kg bracket. All the same, nice fish n photos - cheers for sharing.


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