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 My job has brought me to rockhampton in the QLD,  and we are eager to fish. We tried a beach spot today with limited time, and no result near a place called Rosslyn Marina. After having a decent few mullo in Perth this year I am really excited to try hunt black jewfish and also tuna and mackeral from the stones. Im not begging for spots,  but some tips from anyone who has had a crack up this way before would be great.  I fish clipped pulley rigs with mulies on my large rod with a small rod and handline with running rigs for smaller edibles. We plan to fish Five Rocks on Friday when we have some spare time to do a proper mission, and im optimistic for some larger fish in deeper water. On a humourous note i spent forever trying to fish easterlys in perth with a few days here and there and i come to the other end of the country to find nothing but E's right in my face

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cant help with fishing spots

Wed, 2018-01-24 08:21

cant help with fishing spots too mcuh , but its certainly agreat place to live or stay ...had family there back about 30 years ago ... wild big trees of mangoes, avacados , and paw paw right at the back gate on the hill , lovely beaches and close to GK island etc , good tidal creeks and movement so fishing should be good if the place hasnt been touristed out,,, rosslyn bay marina is good and boating there is also good


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