Rockingham Low Life Thieves

 In another life I am a volunteer at Rockingham Volunteer Sea Rescue Group.

Recently we have had to have our main rescue vessel "Jaimee Lee" undergo a major refit at a cost of $85000.00 that we had to bear ourselves from our sponsors donations.

Luckily some of our sponsors assisted with this, but it seriously put us behind.

And now this:

Back in the water for 10 days and some bottom feeders decided last night (Sunday at about 11pm) to jump the security fence on the mooring pontoon, cut through the back locked cabin doors and help themselves to our 2 x Furuno Navnet 3D chartplotters that were dash mounted. Total stolen and damage caused around $20000.00 to repair.

Cut all the wiring with cutters and then helped themsleves to all the life jackets on board and the flare kits.


In their rush it appears that at least one of the screens has been damaged as they left the rubber finger pad behind.

So this vessel is off the water now until we can get the necessary repiairs sorted. Luckily we have a 2nd vessel we can use.

We do have some CCTV footage of the incident which Police are reviewing.

We have had really good assistance today from DFES, Police, Gregs Glass (back doors), Taylor Marine (Furuno) Servitech (Life jackets) Midway marine (Flare kits)

We would appreciate any information whatever from you guys and that can be as little a a phone call to our main HQ number 9527 9988 and you can remain anonymous.



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cars , house , dole money , cloths off there back.

Mon, 2018-04-23 18:29

 Yeah . thats my solution , when and if they catch people like this , the courts should pull out all stops to re enburse the victims

 from any possible means off the crims .

 or in this this case  the 20k could be  even  payed by working picking up rubbish for the govt at say 50 bucks a day,

 the full amount money payed straight into victims account from the govt , and they will be motivated to keep crims working till they get there money back.

 The govt gets cheap labour and the victims get dough back.

 ok its full of holes as a system , but is what we have been doing for the last say 50 years working or even getting better ?




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Mon, 2018-04-23 19:06

 Ridiculous how nothing is off limits these days, bastards think they are entitled to take what ever they want. Very sad indeed and for a community support tool.


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That's f@;ked

Mon, 2018-04-23 19:29


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 So many shit people out

Mon, 2018-04-23 21:06

 So many shit people out there... it's about time someone did something about these dog cunts.


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