Rod ferrules stuck together - try this

The following is a cut and paste from another site.  I recall it has come up a few times on this site so may be useful.

"Folks, if you have a multi-piece graphite rod that's got stuck so you can't get it apart try this method.

It worked for me today after I had got extremely frustrated and just about given up, having tried all the other supposed sure fire methods: freezing the 'male' section for ages and warming the 'female' side; twisting and/or straight pulling with all my (reasonable) might with rubber kitchen gloves (this is starting to sound dodgy !!); the four-handed crossover tug (sounds like a 1970s scout camp!); dripping CRC or similar in the crack (still dodgy!!); and putting the rod behind my knees and trying to use leg power to pull (dodgy!).

The only adaptation I made to the vid was to use wide swathes of duct tape to fix the wood to the rod, instead of the electrical tape. Also, I had to work out how to reverse the main part of the Irwin clamp so that it pushed apart rather than together.

My dad predicted the wood would just slip along the rod and the whole contraption fall apart, but the tape held fine.

I half expected to crack the rod somehow, but the very small clamp movements and keeping everything aligned worked a treat. Try it."




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Or just use miracle grip.

Sat, 2019-11-30 18:18

Wrap some around each side of the join and twist.  Have never found a rod that couldn't be separated using that stuff.